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About Jess

At current, Jess is the local and independent business correspondent for the Brixton Bugle and Blog, where she also works on the social media presence.
She writes for a variety of publications online and in print, most recently The Insecure Girl's Club.
 Her passion for a creative side project means she's always happy to reply to queries submitted below.
What is it like to work with me?

"Jess worked with me to ensure her written piece was relevant, informative and still fun and light-hearted. You could really hear her own tone of voice throughout the piece as she inserted her personality and referred to her own experiences, and yet it was extremely relatable and representative of my reader demographic."

"Jess was always prompt with her responses (and patient with mine!) and her communication was friendly and professional at all times. I really enjoyed commissioning written work from Jess and would be happy to work with her again in the future!"
- Laura Teck, Founder and Editor of Scorchin' Magazine 
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